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Caitlin. 21. Pieces. College Student. Pre Vet. Tau Beta Sigma, Doctor Who. Supernatural. Sherlock. Grimm. Glee. Once Upon A Time. Misfits. Skins. Modern Family. New Girl. Law and Order: SVU.Plus all kinds of MUSIC!!!
Let my squirrel pictures continue. #sorrynotsorry #fresnostate #squirrels #cute
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"She had stayed a virgin so she wouldn’t be called a tramp or a slut; had married so she wouldn’t be called an old maid; faked orgasms so she wouldn’t be called frigid; had children so she wouldn’t be called barren; had not been a feminist because she didn’t want to be called queer and a man hater; never nagged or raised her voice so she wouldn’t be called a bitch … Evelyn wondered; why always sexual names? And why, when men wanted to degrade other men, did they call them pussies? As if that was the worst thing in the world. What have we done to be thought of that way? To be called cunt? People didn’t call blacks names anymore, at least not to their faces…there were no more kikes, Japs, chinks, or spics in polite conversation. Everybody had a group to protest and stick up for them. But women were still being called names by men. Why? Where was our group?"
Fannie Flagg, “Fried Green Tomatoes”  (via refuted)

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Religious people came to my friends door and gave her this pamphlet but they got the texts wrong so apparently jesus has no time for you
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Request: Goofy reads from 50 Shades of Grey


Anonymous asked:

Woah! I just discovered your blog today from your Goofy cover of “Let it Go”, and your voice acting is out of this world! May I request a section of 50 Shades of Grey in any voice you feel is appropriate? XD (Gilbert Gottfried is my personal favourite for this material, but I know it’s taxing on the voice.)

Well, I think it’s safe to say that this is NSFW.

I apologize in advance.




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Seeing The Book of Mormon with @fmarquez123 I’m so looking forward to this. #BookOfMormon #Play #date #sushi #boyfriend (at Pantages Theatre)
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this girl ripped her galaxy leggings today and i couldnt stop laughing because there was a rip in the fabric of space

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Why does it always seem pathetic when a girl is in love with a boy who doesn’t love her back, and romantic and heartbreaking when a boy loves a girl who doesn’t love him

you know exactly why


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My roommate took this photo but he’s my gorgeous dog. #lovehim #Rory #nofilter #dogs #flowers
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